We’re a small, family-run business founded by the Walentuks of Newburyport, Massachusetts in 2010.

Margie Walentuk developed the Marge Bar in her kitchen, looking for a nutrient-dense, delicious snack to help carry her through her long days as a nurse and athlete. After multiple tweaks and variations, the Marge Bar was born. Marge Bar moved out of the kitchen and made its debut at the Warren Street Market & Deli, a former Newburyport establishment owned and operated by Margie’s husband, Dana. A fan base was quickly born and we spread our wings to our first retail location, Plum Island Coffee Roasters. You can now find us at multiple locations around Newburyport and surrounding areas. We are so excited to now ship Marge Bars to you!

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Filled with whole grains, fruit, nuts, and honey, Marge Bars are a nutritious and satisfying snack (or meal!). Whole grain oats provide long-lasting energy, perfect for fueling you over that mountain or carrying you through a long day. Honey and dried fruit deliver fast-acting fuel for immediate energy. Healthy fats and fiber from the peanut butter and almonds help to satisfy and keep you full. More nutrition information can be found here.


Marge Bar’s creator and namesake, Margie, is a Nurse Practitioner and four-time marathon runner. She credits Marge Bars with getting her through the last mile of the 2016 Boston Marathon!


A semi-retired Food Service professional with over 50 years of experience, Dana is the chef at Marge Bar. He was the owner and operator of Warren Street Market & Deli for 5 years before his retirement. When he’s not making Marge Bars, you can find him at Port Paint n’ Paper or running his catering business, Thyme 2 Cater, with Margie.


Hilary is a registered dietitian working in child nutrition and manages the Marge Bar social media. As a nutrition professional and avid hiker, she swears by nutrient-packed Marge Bars to help her reach her summit goals. She finished hiking New Hampshire’s  48-4000 footers and is currently tackling the remaining New England peaks. Follow along on social media!


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